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Slip, Trip or Fall

If you were injured in a slip, trip or fall, and you want to know if you can claim compensation, you're not alone. Over 9,000 people in the last year in the UK alone had a major injury caused by a slip, trip, or fall. The kinds of accidents like this that are likely to result in personal injuries are often the fault of irresponsibly maintained surfaces, be that a lack of repairs or a dangerous surface that hasn't been dealt with, like a wet floor without proper signposting. It's difficult for some laypeople to figure out by themselves who exactly to hold responsible for their injuries. It could be that the Local Authority is at fault, or a supermarket or local business. All these different organisations are likely to approach a slip, trip or fall case in markedly different ways. It's important to consider, when engaging the services of a legal firm, whether they have an appropriate amount of experience in cases that are very similar to yours.


Slip, Trip or Fall The kinds of injuries that people who have suffered from a slip, trip or fall are likely to claim are wildly different and in the same way, the repercussions of those injuries are likely to be very different too. Some lucky people only come away with light bruising, and have no need to claim for compensation at all. Some people suffer moderate damage, like a sprain or even a fracture, which may result in real discomfort and even necessitate time off work and therefore loss of earnings. It may mean hospital visits and expenses associated with that, and moderate damage is serious enough. But sometimes people who have had a slip, trip or fall find themselves with a very serious injury, like broken bones, a head injury, or even paralysis. A head injury could result in concussion, or if severe enough could necessitate emergency admittance to hospital. And as we have unfortunately seen, one simple incident can bring about permanent paralysis. You'd need permanent modifications to your home, medication and care expenses and most probably to leave your job forever. If this kind of traumatic event has been brought about by the negligence and carelessness of a company, or organisation, or establishment, there is no way you should also be held responsible. The guilty party must pay for all the expenses this causes you, including loss of earnings, and in addition should make financial recompense for the pain and suffering they've put you through. That isn't just repayment – that's justice.


We believe that everyone, whatever their life situation, should be eligible for this justice. That's why we operate a No Win, No Fee service – not only are you free from the constraints of your legal fees but it costs no money at all to gain legal advice from us, to accept a home visit from us, to receive an analysis of the likely outcome of your case, taking into account your unique situation. Because above all else, we put excellent customer service first: fighting not just for the financial compensation you need, but for the justice you deserve.


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