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Personal Injury Solicitors Worcester

Looking for experienced personal injury solicitors in Worcester? Look no further as our Solicitors in Worcester have over 25 years experience in Injury Claims. 

If you're looking for Personal Injury solicitors in Worcester, you've most likely been involved in an accident or injured in a way that wasn't your fault. You might have been involved in this incident in a public space such as a road or park, perhaps the supermarket, or maybe even at your workplace. However you were injured, it must be one of the most traumatic life events you've had to undergo, and you have our sympathy. A personal injury can have very negative repercussions on your life and on the lives of your whole family, and knowing that this wasn't your fault makes the experience an even harder one to bear.

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But help is at hand – if you call our helpline today, or leave a message with our online claim form, you'll be able to benefit from unparalleled legal expertise in the field of personal injury claims. Simply call us on 0800 567 7072 today to find out whether or not the facts of your accident make a viable claim. If we're able to confirm that it does, we can have your case underway in as little as a few hours. We can even arrange a free home visit to help you write up all the complex legal paperwork that this kind of case requires. Here at Simple Justice we are dedicated to providing you with a truly outstanding service when you find yourself in the position of having to make a No Win, No Fee claim for compensation. So to get your claim on the go, call one of the very best Personal Injury Solicitors in Worcester: Simple Justice. 


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simple justice solicitors were no win no fee as i wasn't asked any money. i claimed compensation for my work accident, great service.


- Mr Ajeeb Iqbal