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Compensation Solicitors Wiltshire

Contact our compensation claim solicitors based in Wiltshire for free legal advice regarding your personal injury claim.

If you have found yourself in the position of needing a Compensation Solicitor in Wiltshire, you have our condolences at what must be a very difficult and trying time – any accident that results in personal injury, or an injury to a loved one, is a great disturbance to the normal order of your life, and to the lives of your whole family. When this accident wasn't your fault, the difficulty is compounded by a great feeling of injustice. The situation is largely the same whether the injury was a major or a relatively minor one. Here at Simple Justice, we understand fully what this is like, over the course of a great number of cases we've seen so many people delivered the compensation they deserve, as repayment for expenses incurred to them and as recognition of the pain and suffering they've been forced to go through.

That's why here at Simple Justice we're a Compensation Claim Solicitors in Wiltshire with a difference – we never lose sight of you as an individual, not just a case. Why not give us a call today on 0800 567 7072 and you can find out why so many people use Simple Justice for all their No Win, No Fee, personal injury claim needs. Our lines are open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, so call us at a time that fits around your work and home life. Or if you prefer, leave a message with our online form and we'll get in touch at any time that suits you. Get your case started in as soon as a few days, here with us at Simple Justice.


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simple justice solicitors were no win no fee as i wasn't asked any money. i claimed compensation for my work accident, great service.


- Mr Ajeeb Iqbal